Be safe in the Space

The safety of our members and the public is very important to us.  We provide instruction on the use of all equipment, along with appropriate safety equipment. It is the responsibility of all members to ensure that all equipment and work practices in the Hackerspace are safe.

Some basic rules:

  • You must wear any personal protective equipment listed in the safe working manual for each piece of equipment
  • You must ensure you have been trained and are competent on the safe use of any equipment you wish to use
  • No one is to work on any mains voltage equipment unless you are appropriately licensed to do so and there is someone else present in the Space
  • Encourage those around you to work safely, and report any problems you see
  • Tag and report any faulty equipment
  • No machinery is to be left running unsupervised

Please report any incidences or concerns about safety using the contact form on this website