Projects and Stuff

Hobart Hackerspace members are a diverse lot and the diversity of their projects, activities and creations reflect this. The pictures and links on this page show some of the things we do or have done.

In no particular order:

Steam power

STEAM is a 21st century acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

In the previous two centuries it referred to the harnessing of the power of water vapour to produce mechanical energy. One of our members has a few model steam engines, which he has brought in to show in the space. They are a popular display, giving a different view of technology, and what can be built. We have run several of them and explored their working principles. See more here.

Analog computer

In the dark ages of computing, before digital electronics could operate with any speed, there was a different form of computing - Analog computers. These used electronic voltage and current as direct analogues of physical quantities and used them to model the behaviour of physical objects and systems.

We have a “small” desktop model in the Space, an EAI-180 that was actually made in Australia in the 1970’s. It is in a nearly operable condition and can be demonstrated.

Making Art

Several past & current members make art. Sometimes these end up at the hackerspace on semi-permanent loan! We have had an exhibition at the space a while ago, that took some organising. We also get occasional enquiries from artists needing a help with electronics & lighting things up. As usual, we are happy to help.

Some tools like the laser cutter and welder are very useful to make art, as these are expensive tools to own.

Also donations to the space have been very useful as a source of materials for art, such as old computers and vintage electronic components.

See gallery.