Many Hackerspace members enjoy working quietly in the Space when there's no-one else around, but in addition, we involve ourselves in many events, both in the Space and as part of bigger public events.

Our Calendar of Events

Within the Space

  • We have an Open Night every Thursday from 7pm until late.  This is a perfect opportunity to come along to the space and meet the members, work on projects, learn some robotics or just have a general chat.
  • We run workshops for both members and guests.

Public Events

Festival of Bright Ideas

  • Hobart has an annual science-based event called the Festival of Bright Ideas (FOBI). It's focussed on kids finding the joys of Science & Technology and is run as part of National Science Week each year. Hobart Hackerspace has been a regular participant for a number of years now and were there again in 2023. Photos below show some of the fun!

And here’s a video of some of the activities, thanks to Gryff.

Lift Off

  • Run by the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery (TMAG) during October school holidays, Lift Off is “Tasmania’s only dedicated annual cultural festival for children and young people”. It’s a broad-spectrum arts/cultural/science/tech event allowing “young people and children to explore new ideas and experiences through hands-on activities and inspiring presentations”.

    The images below are of a Lift Off activity where kids were able to do things from learning soldering and racing robots to engraving life images on transparent perspex and showing them with side light.

Beaker Street

  • A Tasmanian winter Arts and Science event is Beaker Street. Also part of National Science Week, it has more of an Arts and Community focus than FOBI and includes activities for all ages and activities outside Hobart. Hobart Hackerspace has participated in a number of Beaker Street events, including running workshops.

    The images below are of a Beaker Street workshop where participnts built an electronic microscope and captured some delightful images.

General Meetings

Annual General Meeting 2023