We all find it difficult to focus on our projects when there’s lots going on and people are talking. But we like doing stuff with others around, whether it’s to ask for help or share what we’re doing.

So we have a members-only Projects Night every week on Tuesday evenings. There’s no particular start time - come and go as you please.

Simple Rules:

1. Members Only:

This is for full members who have their own 24/7 access tag. No visitors, no guests, no hordes of marauding teens.

We ask you, even if the door is open, to please swipe your tag on the door sensor. That will help to give us some measure of who our regulars are:-)

2. Project Focus:

You must be working on a project or learning outcome to participate. This isn’t just another social night.

3. Quiet Please:

Library silence rules apply. If you need to talk to ask or give help, keep it quiet (as in: whisper!). If you need to chat (and we all do, sometimes), please retire to the Bertrand Russell room - that’s what it’s there for.

The exception to this is for training sessions. Sometimes we’ll do these on Tuesdays to take account of members’ schedules. We’ll try to notify folks using the Facebook group when we schedule these.

4. Accountability Labels:

To keep things on track, write down what you’re working on or any outcomes you want to achieve. Put it on a sticker that you wear or on a note beside you. Show this with pride (or possibly shame) so that others can see what you’re there to do.

5. Help is Welcome:

Although it’s not a social gathering, we understand that sometimes you might need a little assistance. If you’re asking others for help, please remember that they are there to work on their own projects, so keep it to the point and don’t waste others’ time.

If you’re going to need a LOT of assistance, arrange this help in advance so that you’re not interrupting someone unexpectedly.

So pull out those projects and half finished widgets and stop procrastinating!