Hobart Hackerspace static website


A GitHub Docs space for the Hackerspace

This repository serves as the source for the HHS public web site: https://hobarthackerspace.org.au/

Site maintenance

Software platform

The site is built with Jekyll, using the minimal-mistakes theme.

Working copy

The site files live in a git repository on GitHUB. You can get a working copy of the site by cloning this repository (It’s also the one in which this README resides).


If you install Ruby & Jekyll on your local machine, you can review site changes before committing to your working copy (let alone pushing up to GitHub) by executing the command bundle exec jekyll serve. This will present you with a view of the site at http://localhost:4000.

Adding pages

To add a page to the site, put the appropriate markdown document in the _pages directory, with suitable “front matter” (use an existing page for a model for new front matter). See the minimal-mistakes guide for more details.

If the page is long(-ish), add a table of contents as in the About page front matter.

Add pictures to your content with the basic markdown syntax ![Title](URL).
For example: ![Beambox-safety](/assets/images/pages/laser-cutter/Beambox-safety.jpg).
More sophisticated picture use can be done using the Figure layout

File/directory structure of the repo

To keep things maintainable with a number of us maintaining the site, keep the “_pages” directory and filenames structured to mirror the site structure. (So, if the URL your page is /example/content/, call the page file content.md and place it in the directory _page/example/, creating that directory if necessary.)

Add-on tools


We have a free subscription to algolia under the account name github@hobarthackerspace.org.au. (The password is in the password safe.) This provides a searchable index and delivers search results via a jekyll/minimal-mistakes theme page. Note that the free account is limited to a total of 10k records and a monthly aggregate of 10K calls; this shouldn’t limit us in normal use, but may be an issue if we get some kind of bot attack.



The index needs to be re-created each time an update occurs to the site. This is (still to be) done using a subscription to the continuous integration tool Travis-CI, which hooks to the GitHub repo each time a push is made.

If you are previewing locally, the index still works. Use the bash command ALGOLIA_API_KEY=secret-key bundle exec jekyll algolia to re-index the site (the api key secret-key is in the safe with the algolia account password).
Note that there is only the one index, used by both the live site and any local preview, so that updating the index from your local machine will update the live index, too.

Results page

The results page is controlled by a file in the theme _layouts/search.htm.