Hackerspace WOW! - (week of workshops)

Week Of Workshops! : October 6th - 10th

Ever wanted to design a product end to end? Want to learn new stuff so fast your head explodes? This is the workshop series for you. Each session focusses on a specific area, so you can choose to attend one, or attend them all!!

Definately click "Read More", you've really got to read this stuff....

Coder Dojo (13 September)

This Coder Dojo is booked out, please join the dojo mailing list:

This will be the first in what we hope will be a long running Coder Dojo held at the space. Its a programming club for kids run along this model:

The project are starting with is "Scratch:" http://scratch.mit.edu/
Please bring a laptop with scratch already downloaded and installed

GovHack Tasmania (July 11-13)

GovHack 2014 is a great opportunity for the Hobart Hackerspace to put together a team (or teams) and show off what we are capable of. We need a good mix of skills and experience; websites, data crunching/visualisation, art/design, presentation, and people who can come up with great ideas!

If you're interested in joining in, talk to Shane on a Wednesday night, or pop him an email using the contact form here.

Hello World Open - coding world championships

Hello World OpenDevelop an AI for a race car, become World Champion

Hello World Open is a virtual car race organised by the creative technology company Reaktor and the mobile game developer Supercell. The challenge of each team is to create an artificial intelligence and drive a virtual race car. Faster and smarter than fellow competitors, naturally.

Wednesday Evenings

Each Wednesday evening we throw open the doors for Members, guests and potential members to come hang out, play with our toys and meet other hackers/makers. The evening starts at 7 - 7:30pm and we usually have a BBQ, Pizza or some other food available for a small fee.

Come along, guests are welcome at no charge for your first few visits so check the place out and see what we get up to!

Gathered aroudn the 3D Printer

3D Printing Demo

On November 12th, the Hobart Hackerspace will be taking our 3D printer along to the Hobart Computer Users Group to give a demonstration of this technology and related software. The demonstration will be entry level touching on how the three main types of printers work and their limitations, simple drawing in CAD and printing on an extrusion type printer such as our Makerbot.

We will also look at the amazing array of existing designs you can find online, and how you can potentially print your own printer!


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