The Build Begins

Some of you may have heard me talking about building my very own 3D printer.  Well the work has begun, albeit a little bit slower then I expected.  I have done a lot of research over the past month or so on printer design and I settled on building a modified Delta based printer.

The initial plan is to try and build as much of this as I can by myself from scratch and then use itself to make improvements.  This has required quite a bit of re thinking and changing materials to make life a bit easier.  

mame console

Today I powered up the Mame console.
The wiring is dodgy and there is an exposed crt monitor in there with loose electronics.

Currently its using a pentium III

I am looking into upgrading it to a Pi and LCD.

Michael Sharman has done a great job wiring a keyboard controller to all the buttons and installing a menu driven by joystick, so I hope to copy that software and use on the pi.

Global Game Jam 2015

Global Game Jam Logo

We are going to be running the Hobart venue for the Global Game Jam 2015.

It will be running from 4pm Friday the 23rd until 5pm Sunday the 25th of January.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner provided. Snacks available.

Bring your own:

Thursday Workshops - 16th & 30th Oct

Continuing on from our Week Of Workshops, there's still more to cover when it comes to the CNC Machine.
We're going to hold 2 additional workshops:

Thursday the 16th of October - 7:30pm
Looking at CamBam, the CAM process, toolpaths and g-code. 

Thursday the 30th of October - 7:30pm
CNC Machine operation, looking at setting up the machine, the software driving it, the hardware and running jobs.

Open Day 26th October

As part of Statup Spring, we will be holding an open day on Sunday the 26th of October from 10am - 4pm.

Come along and check out the space with deomonstrations including:

  • 3D printing
  • CNC Milling
  • Drones
  • CAD - CAM
  • 3D Gaming

Food and drinks available for sale all day.
A gold coin donation would be gratefully recieved.

laptop DVD to HDD swap

swapping the internal DVD writer for a Hard disk, using a caddy bought from china.

My laptop is pretty zoomy with dual SSD in raid array, but lacks large storage capacity, but one the advertised features was the ability to swap the optical drive for a hard drive ! I bought it with a view to doing exactly that.


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