Thursday Open Night (12/01)

A fairly big turnout for our second Thursday meeting and quite a few things happening to keep people interested.

Ken is running the first of his welding courses for those who want to start really having fun with metal.  Quite a big turnout for the initial talk and introduction to various rods/welders with a few returning after the BBQ for some hands on tutorial and practice with various bits of metals.

The Second BBQ went off well, thanks to Leo for cooking with quite a few hungry people enjoying some fine fair.

Knitting is happening in the main meeting room with the usual banter and random conversations only slightly interupted for a few minutes of track down that annoying high pitched squeel game.

For those of you that are waiting for the Laser Cutter to return to service we have had good progress on that as well with the new laser mounts coming along nicely and the redesign all going well.  We should be looking at getting the laser mounted over the next month or so, so stay tuned for more updates.  

We look forward to seeing some more interesting things happening over the next few months while we enjoy this nice summer weather which gives us the freedom to do some more outdoor activities (yes kids, you can leave your computer screen for 5 minutes and go outside)

Happy Hacking.