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Mon 19th Dec - Members Night - 3D Printing

Members night is tonight at the space from 6.30pm till 9.00pm.

I'm suggesting a topic of "3D Printing" - some ideas follow:

  • I haven't seen the new delta printer used much yet, and I'm not sure how much setup it's received. Don't know about the software running on the PC near it. Perhaps we could look into that
  • I have a part-built mini 3D printer that I'll bring along and hopefully make some progress with.
  • The Makerbot has only one extruder/hot-end working, I believe. Perhaps we can find the other hot-end and install it, and level them? Might need to bring some shim material.
  • I have a washer bottle cap that I want to print if any of the printers are sitting idle. Geoff's printed one for me, but I might as well get some printing practise in :-)
  • Michael Rodway brought in a big 3D printer that looks like it has a lot of potential. We could try to make it work, if that hasn't already been done by someone.

Just ideas - more ideas are welcome! :)

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