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Thursday Open Night (12/01)

A fairly big turnout for our second Thursday meeting and quite a few things happening to keep people interested.

Ken is running the first of his welding courses for those who want to start really having fun with metal.  Quite a big turnout for the initial talk and introduction to various rods/welders with a few returning after the BBQ for some hands on tutorial and practice with various bits of metals.

The Second BBQ went off well, thanks to Leo for cooking with quite a few hungry people enjoying some fine fair.

Live Blog (27/04/16)

Hi and welcome to my first live update from a Weekly Meeting.  

There is a bit of tinkering going on tonight as well as some visitors being shown around the place.  

Brian is working on "Repairing" an old british electric beater.  Looks interesting and will be great to see it working at another meeting.  Maybe he can mix us some nice batter to make some donuts.  

Delta Printer Update and Other Stuff

Well, it has been a while since I posted an update on the progress of the Printer, well, it seems I got distracted :).

In the past few months I have managed to learn a lot about the Laser Cutter and have been proud to be part of the team helping to get it back in action.  You should see some improvements in that very soon as we have new mirrors arriving soon and progress is happening every week.

Closing in on the finish line

Well, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.  After a nice holiday break I managed to spend a few hours down at hackspace watching my last pieces printing on the MakerBot.  3 sets of rail guides later I now have a fully assembled printer :)

The next step on the path is to get the heatbed and hotend all mounted an ready to go and finalise the mounting of the electonics.  

In a bit of a work session this weekend I have assembled all off the electronics and tested them with the modified ATX power supply.

Update 2

OK, it has been two hectic weeks with the only time to work on the printer has been at the Wednesday night sessions but these have been very constructive.

The first week I managed to get all the balsa wood arm mounts and hotend mounts made  then I finally managed to assemble the rods and boards into the frame.  This was a mojor stepping stone as it now looks like the printer it will become :).

The Build Begins

Some of you may have heard me talking about building my very own 3D printer.  Well the work has begun, albeit a little bit slower then I expected.  I have done a lot of research over the past month or so on printer design and I settled on building a modified Delta based printer.

The initial plan is to try and build as much of this as I can by myself from scratch and then use itself to make improvements.  This has required quite a bit of re thinking and changing materials to make life a bit easier.  

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